brand new zev | grand junction newborn photographer

Isn’t this little guy the sweetest thing? He looks so brand new. I think he was about nine or ten days old but he has that *just* born look of a one or two day old.

brand new baby stretch

I’ve photographed his big brother in the past and let me tell you, Zev is the spitting image of his big brother Ari. Ari is the one on the bottom and I think he’s about 4 months old there. Mama use to fill in for Carla at Kairos so some of you might even have met these two.

newborn baby boy on bed

newborn baby lips macro photography

Look at those lips. Don’t you want to just smooch them.

sweet newborn black and white photo

It was a pretty hectic day. Little Zev took his sweet time getting sleepy for us. But when he did he gave me exactly what I needed. Zev is my new poster child. He has the privilege of being featured on my new business card and on my facebook fan page.

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  1. WOW! Love the STRETCH! They are all simply… perfection!

  2. GORGEOUS! totally love it! <3 He looks alot like mama I have to say!

  3. He’s adorable! Love the first image (well all of them)…”awake”…a perfect birth announcement!


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