soon | grand junction maternity photographer

Just one. I literally caught my breath while I was editing and couldn’t wait. Oh to be so beautiful while pregnant.

beautiful maternity photo

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  1. <Christine, more beautiful work! It's funny you mention "caught my breath"…. When I'm reviewing my maternity photographs to edit, I'll find a shot that literally makes me say out loud, something to the effect of, "Oh my!" and in the very next frame or two, the woman has a huge smile on her face, from me saying the same thing live during the shoot. We have a wonderful "job"! Cheers, Rob.

  2. *swoon*
    she is SO gorgeous pregnant and this is such a sweet, intimate moment you captured.

  3. WOW! Stunning! What a beautiful moment you captured!

  4. I think this and you are amazing.

  5. Seriously stunning. The lighting is beautiful and the connection captured just takes your breath away.

  6. Beautiful capture. It just totally stirs up emotion. Love it!

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Stunning mama-to-be! Gorgeous capture!

  9. Nattana

    how wonderful for them to have captured this! you did an amazing job.

  10. Autumn

    oh my! so gorgeous!


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