another beautiful mom-to-be | grand junction pregnancy photographer

I love maternity sessions. Pregnancy is so beautiful. When I get a call to photograph an expectant mother, I think I get just as excited as the new parents waiting for their new bundle of joy. Well…maybe not, but I really enjoy that before baby time. This Grand Junction momma didn’t know it, but she was entering that early labor stage the day we took her maternity photos. She thought she was just tired and maybe over doing things a bit. This was her first pregnancy so she wasn’t familiar with those tell tale signs of impending labor. She delivered her baby girl just a few days later, several weeks early and only a few minutes after she had updated her employers facebook page.  I’m sure she confused many with that one. She assumed we had plenty of time for pregnancy photos. She was so thankful that I was able to sneak her in between other sessions.  We almost missed it.

pregnant woman lying on her bed

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