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Last night I grabbed my camera and headed out to Farmers’ Market in Grand Junction to meet up with Liza Boetticher and Nattigan Schuette of CamBella. They were promoting CamBella at Kairos and I wanted to take a peek. I’ve known Nattigan for about a year now. We talked bows and tutus when I photographed her new daughter last spring. She had no idea that just a short year later she would be featured not only in Kairos with her beautiful bows, pacifier clips and hopefully soon, her tutus and petticoats, but in boutiques across the country. Together with Liza, they have made literally hundreds of those sassy bows that every little girl needs in every color combination imaginable. They’ll even make one custom to match your daughters outfit.

Nattigan and Liza’s bows are available at Kairos all the time. They will be back and hanging out to do a meet and greet and take custom orders on Saturday and I believe I heard a little bird say that bows would be on sale. If you need something custom after Saturday, call Liza at 970-270-9621 or Nattigan at 970-261-7111.

CamBella product images

My goal last night was just to get some good product images for Liza and Nattigan to use for promotional things. But when I got there, I decided to pull little girls off the streets of Farmers’ Market and have them model the bows.

Farmers' Market and CamBella bows

girls attending Grand Junction Farmers' Market wearing CamBella bows

baby girl with bright orange CamBella bow

Moms, if your sweetheart was featured in this post, leave me a comment on the blog and then email me at and I’ll shoot you over a printable file. You’ve got to do both comment and email though. And thank you for letting me borrow your girls for this.

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  1. Cindy Partida

    Liza your daughter is definately going to be a future model! She is so adorable!!

  2. Thank you SO much Cristine, you are SO very talented! I would love the images, thank you in advance!

  3. OOOH I love the extra chubby sweetheart in the last photo. Look at those adorable legs! Of course the bows are brilliant too. Beautiful work as always Cristine.


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