sneak peek for Jenn

Chirping crickets. That’s what I heard while I was proofing late last night. And that’s what you all have been hearing on the blog lately. I’ve got several sneak peeks to post and some gorgeous pictures to post from a local photography get together I went to the other night. So much to show all of you and so little time.
I’ll start with Jenn. Many of you know her. She filled in for Carla so Carla could have a few hours here and there at Kairos. Then she had a beautiful babe and cut back a bit. Shortly after, her husband took a job in Denver and they moved away.  She was so upset that she was going to miss future photo sessions with me. I assured her she wasn’t that far and that I traveled. After all, I have a son in Boulder, Colorado. I’m sure to get over the mountain a couple of times a year. I put Jenn’s family on my travel calendar and called her to let her know when I would be in her area and set up a session for a few days ago. We met at the pop-jet fountain at the Southlands shopping center in Aurora, Colorado.

beautiful blond boy with blue eyes

sitting blond baby with brown eyes

More to come. I’ve got a few newborn babies, a couple of teens, a TON of mini sessions and my own kids to post. If you are not located in the Grand Junction area and would like to be put on my travel schedule please notify me. If there are several in your area, I could even make a special trip.
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  1. Amy

    I love his fuzzy hair! He looks like he is wise beyond his years– such gorgeous images!

  2. Look at those amazing peepers!!! I’m loving these two images!


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