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A few weeks ago, little Miss Olivia and I shared a morning of tea, giggles and first steps. Mom had scheduled a lifestyle photography session to capture the passing of her little one’s first birthday. I think lifestyle is my favorite kind of session. They are so unique to you. My goal is to capture a bit of your life to savor and remember. I think we accomplished that well here.

one year old girl having a tea party

Love this little girl. She’s so beautiful. She was a little apprehensive but seemed to overcome that as our session progressed.  In the weeks preceding these she had taken her first unsteady steps. She was very proud to stand alone but still needed Mom’s gentle hand close by.

blue eyed girl stands outside

beautiful blond haired one year old

Just look at those eyes. Heart breaker for sure.

moms steady hands

olivia's first steps

child with her mother playing outside

mom holding one year old daughter under the shade of trees

While shooting in Olivia’s bedroom I spied the tell tale signs of co-sleeping through an open master bedroom door that only another co-sleeper might recognize, a child’s bed rail on mom’s side of the master bed. Co-sleeping is near and dear to my heart as I’ve shared my bed with all four of my children. I know how special those first years can be. They are only little once and how quickly that time slips by. All too soon they don’t care to snuggle in deep next to you at night. I knew I wanted to send the two of them back to bed for some snuggle time.

mom tickling one year old daughter

mom playing with daughter in her bed

giggling one year old in mothers bed

cosleeping is an escentual part of their lives

Olivia, I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with you and can’t wait to get Mommy her keepsake album of our session. Soon, my love. I’ll see you again soon.

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  1. these are absolutely gorgeous! what a beautiful little girl! and i absolutely adore the last image of mommy and baby in bed. so sweet!

  2. Oh, so so lovely. Those two teeth are killing me!

  3. These are so wonderful! Lots of giggles and laughs…such beautiful moments!

  4. Jen Hornsby

    love the photos, loved the session. Thanks Cristine!

  5. These are terrific. My favs are the one of her walking to her mom’s outstretched arms and the ones of them in bed together. Co-sleeping is dear to my heart as well and these are images they will cherish forever.

  6. dalia

    these are SO cute!!! I love her dress!! I love how naturally your captured her!

  7. wow, she is beautiful!! I love the emotion that you captured!

  8. She is a doll! I love the ones with the tea pot.

  9. She has the most amazing eyes! The connection that you captured between mum and her is simply beautiful! Great work!

  10. wow, that closeup of the sweet little girl- amazing! just too cute, i’m sure her mommy will treasure this session!

  11. Amy

    I absolutely adore every single one of these! Great work 🙂

  12. maggie

    Cristine…that last one warms my heart. What a treasured photo to have.They’re all beautiful!


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