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There are so many things I should be doing. I need to finish up this little one so her mommy and daddy can see the rest of their images. I’ve got a beautiful little toddler to sneak peek. Minis to work on, unpacking my kids from their almost week away with Grandma, laundry, dishes…I’ve been SO busy that things are starting to get stacked up on me. Instead I’m playing with my new little beauty. A little back story, I surprised my husband a few days before we were married over ten years ago with a beauty of his own, A Weimaraner pup. Next to his children, his beauty is his pride and joy and the only thing I have ever been able to surprise him with. Apparently I’m predictable, and he’s very observant. I got him that one time and after that, always, always he reads right through me and can tell what I’m up to.

Later we got another weim. She had been a rescue that was suppose to be my dog. I didn’t really want her but Kendra did. I didn’t want the responsibility of a dog that had been given up for whatever reason. When we rescued her I had just had Walker. He was new responsibility enough for me. But again, Kendra wanted her. Jess wanted her. Haley wanted her. Clearly I was out voted and into our home she came. Kendra accepted full responsibility of her and very quickly the two were thickly smitten with each other. Me…not so much. She had medical issues that needed medication. She was very attention demanding, as most weims are. She had this red ball that she was OCD about, enough that when it was outside and she wasn’t she showed some crazy separation anxiety for. But Kendra loved her. And I love Kendra so she stayed. I was left home on maternity leave with this dog that I wasn’t crazy about while the rest of the world went on around me. She slept on my feet as I nursed my newest child. She got up when I did. She followed me and layed outside the door while I showered. Everywhere I was so was she and I learned to love her. She had grown on me and I had accepted her as a much loved member of my family. But Arenal was only with us for a short time. About a year and a half ago she succumbed to the side effects of her medication. She went from an alive and very active weimaraner to a bedridden, very sick pup within a few weeks. And then she was gone.

A few weeks after Ari had passed, I had taken Haley to the Grand Junction Petsmart to *just look* at the dogs that one of the local the rescues had brought in for the weekend. We weren’t getting one. We didn’t need another dog. We were all still grieving Ari. But…I found this little tiny scared German Shorthaired Pointer. I sat down with her and she crawled into my lap and just melted into me. I needed this dog. I wanted this dog. I HAD to have this dog. I called my husband. It was Valentines Day. He could call her my Valentines gift. PLEEEASEE…can I have her??? There was a firm no. Mr. Practical could see that this was my emotion talking. I pouted. I should have just brought her home. They told me I could foster her, take her and see if she was a good fit. But the obedient wife, I came home without her. I pouted some more. I cried. I got angry. I guilted him with how I didn’t want Ari but we got her anyway. It was my turn. I wanted her. The next morning he told me to get in the truck. We went to go get her but right after I had left the night before someone had adopted her. It wasn’t meant to be. She wasn’t my dog. I cried and decided that we didn’t need her and that we would wait until Ghost, my wedding gift to Jess, had finished her journey before we would introduce another pet to our family. Hopefully she still has a few years, but at ten years old, it was time to prepare the kids in the event that it did happen. I decided that it would be nice to take some time after she too were gone without the responsibility of a pet. We could vacation without the worry of a pet at home and the hassle of a kennel. I promised the kids a trip to Disneyland. We could stay in a fancy hotel and everything. All to ward off the, “but I want a puppy!!” from the kids. Reality…I was trying to convince myself that we didn’t need another dog. I had however decided that the next dog, my dog, would be a German Shorthair.

Fast forward to last week. There were German Shorthair pups at Sportsmans Warehouse. Jess came home and told me and then realized that maybe he shouldn’t have. He begged me not to go look at them. I didn’t. I was good. Now isn’t the time anyway. I don’t have time. I don’t want to deal with house training right now. It wouldn’t be fair to Ghost. Disneyland. We’re waiting. Period.

My sister was here, then Jess went to Powell, the kids went back to my moms, Kendra has company. I had a crazy work week. Jess comes home, I went back to my moms to get the kids. I finally got home last night after a happy tears, gorgeous session with my teens and Jess has this beauty waiting for me. What?? Where did she come from. I’m floored. In tears. Is she mine? I literally have not seen Jess for more than two hours in the last week. I thought maybe he had bought her to kind of make up for that. But seriously?? NOT an approved purchase. We discuss these things right?? Then he looks at me and asks me if she were truly a surprise, like I should have known he was coming home with a puppy. What??

Now really, I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason. That some things are out of our control and He has a plan, that they are meant to be. This dog was given to Jess. A gentleman walked right up to him and said that he had purchased her a week ago but his job had called him out of state, his wife couldn’t care for her and he was getting on a plane in the morning and she needed a home right now. Did he know of someone that might be interested in her? He passed probably a hundred people and chose Jess to ask. Jess seriously thought that I had bought her while he was out of town and had put this guy up to this!! He explained that a female German Shorthair was to be our next pet and the guy basically handed her over to him. He gave Jess all of his contact information and the breeders information so we can get her papers and walked away. This was not a joke. This dog was meant to be mine. It’s a very good possibility that this is the little girl that hopped up to greet him a week ago when he looked and passed on the puppies at Sportsmans. Either way..she’s mine. Right now she’s sleeping at my feet, right where she belongs and right where I’m sure she’ll spend many, many days to come. She’s mine.

But now, if you’ve made it this far, this little beauty of mine, all eight weeks of her,  is nameless. And suggestions are welcomed. 🙂

german shorthaired pointer puppy sitting at her food dish
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  1. What an adorable pup. So cute!

  2. As an owner of this breed let me say… YOU ARE CRAZZZZY!! LOL!
    Great picture!

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enter to win a free session and a 16×20 wall portrait | grand junction photographer

Today starts my promotional week at Kairos. I’m SO excited. First, starting today, pop in on Carla at 533 Main Street, Grand Junction and sign up for my mailing list to be entered to win a free photography session and a 16×20 wall portrait. Entries will be take all week, and I’ll draw the winner at closing time on Saturday and announce the winner shortly after.  The fine print:  Only one entry allowed per family. The winner will be notified by e-mail (and posted here on the blog and the Facebook fan page) on July 26th. An email address must be listed to win. By entering this contest, you agree to allow Cristine to feature your images on her website, blog, print materials, or any other medium that promotes Cristine Strickland Photography. A model release must be signed. The session must be used by December 31, 2010 and take place within 30 miles of Grand Junction. Prints and other items are available  for purchase at normal prices. No purchase is necessary.

Next, mini sessions. All day on Thursday the 22nd AND Saturday the 24th. Both days are booked solid. I’m overwhelmed with the response. You all are amazing. You filled Thursday in a matter of days and when I opened up Saturday it was filled within hours. I still need to contact a few of you by phone for Saturday but be assured that if you received an email while I was out of the office that I have you on the list and you will receive a time slot.

I’ve got some new prints on the walls. I *think* Carla is putting them up today. Ladder permitting. Stop in and see the new faces. If you’ve had a session with me, one of those new faces could be your child!! hint hint Stephanie, Megan, Amy, Dena and Jen.

I’ll be at Kairos this week for Farmers’ Market. Stop in to say hi and check out some of the beautiful custom products I offer. I’ll have a table set up with sample albums and custom cards and lots of photographic pretties. I’ll have my calender, and if you book a full session for anytime this year on either Thursday or Saturday while I’m at Kairos, you’ll also receive a complementary 8×10.

I think that’s it. I had an amazing time with my family this last week. It’s SO much cooler up on the mountain. Oh, the food. I think I gained seven pounds. We ate and played cards and rolled dice and watched the kids run on the slip and slide. We had s’mores as we sat around the fire pit. My sister made chili and cornbread and we ate outside in my mothers beautiful gardens. We ate all the raspberries we could eat.  Did I mention that we ate?? We hung out on the lake at my moms favorite fishing spot. The kids played in the water, fished, and rode the four wheeler. The scenery was GLORIOUS. And when I asked if I could take pictures of the kids….this is what I got.

little boy pouting in a field of wild flowers on the Grand Mesa of Colorado

Yeah. I had envisioned beautiful family portraits for my sister and her family. I had even brought portrait dresses for our daughters.  I anxiously watched the light, and, as that golden hour approached, I could feel my excitement. I tried to gather the girls. No. They wanted to fish. I showed them the pretty flowers. “FISH mom. We’re fishing.”  But the light… *insert pout here*  “FISH, MOM. FISH.”  Walker didn’t have his own pole. He allowed me to play for about three minutes. Long enough to find my perfect spot and adjust my settings. He wouldn’t even let me change his shirt. Then I got this. Only this. Poor child has probably had more than his fair share of a camera in his face, but dang it THE LIGHT!! The flowers. The pretty grass. *more mommy pouting* please? pretty please? for Mommy? I even bribed him with another four wheeler ride. About that time he took off up the hill to find his uncle to collect on said ride. He gave me a couple of frames right? He fulfilled his agreement, and he was outta there.

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  1. Aw, I’m sorry they weren’t more cooperative but that shot is priceless!

  2. What a breathtaking location!!!

  3. Oh that’s so like my little three year old girl! She is oh so cute, but does not like the camera. It’s so frustrating. But, the picture of the pouting boy did turn out super cute though!!!

  4. oh.my.gosh.
    to have light like that and a location like that and no one for portraits is a crime! he still looks super cute … even in his choice of clothing!
    you are brilliant! love your blog.

  5. Angela

    Fishing definitely took priority around the lake that day. You do have to love the face amongst the beautiful background… it’s a priceless picture. We’ll have to work on those family pictures in September.

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gone for the rest of the week | grand junction photographer

Some of you may remember that we recently lost my grandmother. With that, my mother spent some time in California to begin dissolving her estate. When she came home she brought my sisters daughter with her and we were able to share a few days with her. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute she was with us here in Grand Junction and then she went to my moms in Hotchkiss for the rest of her stay where I’m sure she enjoyed every minute of her time with Gramie. I hear she even earned her Horse Rider badge for Girl Scouts. But now it’s time for her to head back to her family and finish her summer with soccer camp and swimming and all the other things nine year old girls do when school’s out. My sister and her husband drove up last night so they could be there when my niece woke this morning. And I’m leaving shortly to spend the rest of the week with them. I’ll continue to check my email and my facebook mail but I won’t be available by phone until Monday. I’ve talked to several of you today as my inbox has been jam packed and my phone has been ringing often. I *think* I have wrapped up all my loose ends but if I missed you please email me at cristine@cristinestrickland.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

girl in a brown dress in a green field in grand junction colorado

beautiful children posing for Cristine Strickland in a field in Grand Junction

three children in a field of grass

In other news, mini sessions for Thursday, July 22nd are completely booked. I have however opened Saturday, July 24th for a limited number of mini’s. If you missed a booking for Thursday and are interested in a session on Saturday, send me an email and I’ll get you a time slot. Again, minis are 20-30 minute sessions which result in at least eight characteristic images.  They are a great way to grab a few milestone images between full sessions.

Main Street Mini's with Cristine Strickland at Kairos Childrens Boutique in Grand Junction, CO

See you all on Monday!

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  1. dalia

    love the colors on the 3 kids!! great shots of them.

  2. Angela

    I think this is now my favorite picture of her. It tops the picture of her and the pony that you took last summer. Your photography continues to get better and better. You have captured all of the self confidence. She has so much more of it at age 9 than I did. Keep up the great work.

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