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When Stephanie from The Pregnancy Center called me to ask me to photograph these three I could hardly contain my excitement. Three baby girls had just been brought home from the hospital weighing barely four pounds a piece. Now I get excited anytime I’m called apon to document those first few days at home, and I’ve photographed several sets of twins before, in fact that itty bitty hanging on the wall at Kiaros is a twin. But I had never been asked to photograph triplets. I think I hung up the phone and let out a little squeal and danced around my living room a bit. I think every photographer dreams of such an event.

newborn triplet collage


Working with one newborn can be a challenging game. Working with three? Actually…it wasn’t so bad. I do it again in a heartbeat. And I get to work with these three again. You’ll see more of them in the not so far off future. I expect to photograph them several times in their first year. As newborns go and as excited as I was, these three scared the daylights out of me at first. I thought I was going in alone. Mama was ready for me though. Grandma was there and Stephanie showed up and shortly after another friend of moms and an aunt were there too. I’ve never had so much help. All I had to do was photograph them. I had more than enough hands to hold naked babies with.


newborn triplet photography the pose

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  1. Angela

    So innocent. So beautiful. And three of them, how exciting.

  2. oh no you didn’t. that last one. STOP IT! these are so crazy beautiful it’s painful!!!


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