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Some of you may remember that we recently lost my grandmother. With that, my mother spent some time in California to begin dissolving her estate. When she came home she brought my sisters daughter with her and we were able to share a few days with her. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute she was with us here in Grand Junction and then she went to my moms in Hotchkiss for the rest of her stay where I’m sure she enjoyed every minute of her time with Gramie. I hear she even earned her Horse Rider badge for Girl Scouts. But now it’s time for her to head back to her family and finish her summer with soccer camp and swimming and all the other things nine year old girls do when school’s out. My sister and her husband drove up last night so they could be there when my niece woke this morning. And I’m leaving shortly to spend the rest of the week with them. I’ll continue to check my email and my facebook mail but I won’t be available by phone until Monday. I’ve talked to several of you today as my inbox has been jam packed and my phone has been ringing often. I *think* I have wrapped up all my loose ends but if I missed you please email me at cristine@cristinestrickland.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

girl in a brown dress in a green field in grand junction colorado

beautiful children posing for Cristine Strickland in a field in Grand Junction

three children in a field of grass

In other news, mini sessions for Thursday, July 22nd are completely booked. I have however opened Saturday, July 24th for a limited number of mini’s. If you missed a booking for Thursday and are interested in a session on Saturday, send me an email and I’ll get you a time slot. Again, minis are 20-30 minute sessions which result in at least eight characteristic images.  They are a great way to grab a few milestone images between full sessions.

Main Street Mini's with Cristine Strickland at Kairos Childrens Boutique in Grand Junction, CO

See you all on Monday!

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  1. dalia

    love the colors on the 3 kids!! great shots of them.

  2. Angela

    I think this is now my favorite picture of her. It tops the picture of her and the pony that you took last summer. Your photography continues to get better and better. You have captured all of the self confidence. She has so much more of it at age 9 than I did. Keep up the great work.


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