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Birth photography is something that I have always been pulled to. With my first child, I have images of my baby crowning that I took myself. I had a photographer friend lined up and for some reason that I can’t even remember, it just didn’t work out. They were so important to me and the people around me just didn’t get it so I grabbed the camera from my then husband and reached down and started snapping with my little 110 film camera. I treasure those first images of my son as he entered the world.

Little Uriah was a scheduled, repeat C-section. I had his birth photography session on my calender and had every intention of being there to photograph those very first hours that are such a blur for most new mamas. Little Uriah had other plans. His mama’s water broke almost a week before her scheduled birth. She went in to the family center at Montrose Memorial Hospital to get checked out and they kept her. In a whirl, they had her in surgery and Uriah made his entry. I made phone contact with his daddy from an hour away, mere minutes after he was born. They were weighing him and getting him cleaned up and ready to hand over to Mommy waiting in recovery. We decided that I would drive over the next morning and catch some quiet time after most of the excited visitors had said their first hello’s.  See more of Uriah’s Day One session on the new Oh Baby! Portraiture Facebook page.

Meet Uriah Carl. Nineteen hours old.

Montrose Memorial hospital



Cristine offers lifestyle birth photography for both hospital births and home births. If birth photography isn’t quite your thing, ask about a Day One session. Day One sessions are scheduled to take place after the actual birth of your baby but before you come home from the hospital, ideally in the first twenty four hours and include a handmade 5×7 accordion album to remember your baby’s special day.

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  1. Wow, beautiful job on these.

  2. adorable! and i love the blog soooo pretty!

  3. wow! those images are fantastic!!! love what you captured!

  4. So incredibly beautiful! Such wonderful memories you have captured for this family. I just love the idea of a “Day One” session!

  5. How can you not love newborn babies in pictures! THese are so great!!

  6. What a great idea you did a wonderful job capturing the newness!

  7. These pictures are a priceless keepsake – I absolutely love them!

  8. way to make me bawl! what perfectly amazing, special moments! I would love to have images like these of our children being born! What amazing images!


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