One of mine and we’re sneaking out again!

Last week, my kids and I snuck out of Grand Junction for a few days. One of my dads retired and we were able to catch the tail end of his party and then extend our visit just to hang out and decompress a bit. There is no cell service at their little house so it kind of forces you to unplug and enjoy the things around you. Flowers. Humming birds. Blue jays. Horses. Clean Air. And more flowers. It’s a place that I can just turn my kids loose and let them run and be kids without worrying while I sit on the porch and drink coffee.

I’ve had this vision in my head for a session with my daughter and my horse for several years. I always have trouble photographing my own kids. You know how you feel right before a session? You have to get the clothes ready, make sure the kids are clean, comb and curl hair, all that general “let’s make it perfect” stuff coupled with the “are my kids going to be good” thoughts. Well, I have all that too except  I’m WORKING in the middle of it. They see me as mom and they push those mom buttons while I’m in work mode. It’s hard for me to separate the two modes and then you throw in large animals and as much as I wanted these images I could see in my head, the task was just too daunting to tackle on my own. But my mom and I had this grand plan to make my vision a reality. I yanked all of Haley’s Matilda Jane out of her closet and packed it with us and we headed up. We spent the day washing the old mare Kitty. She was my daddy’s horse. It’s kind of special that she’s still here for my kids to enjoy even though he’s been gone since long before they were ever born. Anyway….after we cleaned Kitty up and after we scouted for the perfect backdrop, I dressed the kids and we hiked down to the creek and let my vision come to life. I shared a couple on the OBP Facebook fan page last week and I’ll share another now. I haven’t chose which will be the giant canvas on the wall and will probably have to print several of them big because I love them so much. My kids were perfect. No tears and they genuinely wanted to be there to give this gift to me.


beautiful girl and her horse


I’ll share more next week. Right now I should be packing. Today, the kids and I are headed up to the south side of the Grand Mesa National Forest to our super secret camping spot. Again, no cell service so I’ll be out of touch until probably the weekend. Emails and messages will be returned by June 17th and have a happy Father’s Day!

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