ordinary everyday life | week 4

This is Bruce. He’s our old man teddy bear. Well, Bruce and Emily. Em’s not one to be left out of anything her family is doing including giving Bruce a bath. This week’s Ordinary Everyday P52 theme is “responsibilities or chores” and Bruce is certainly both of those. I don’t know if it’s a Labrador thing or what but this dog requires a bath often. For an inside dog, he is the stinkingest dog I’ve ever met.

Bruce came to us almost a year ago. I say he adopted us. I opened my back door and he just kind of bound threw it, sopping wet and stayed. He was terribly emaciated and in pretty bad shape. The vet said he’d been on his own quite awhile. We posted flyers and posted on the local lost and found pets boards and contacted all of the shelters looking for his family. We decided to foster while we looked so we could help him get back to a healthy weight as he was not emotionally or physically well enough for a stay with the shelter. After several months, we adopted him. He’s now a healthy 85 pounds and very much a member of our forever family.


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